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Motor Accident Insurance

In the event of a setback to the defended motor vehicle, the association will compensate the Insured for the spontaneous damages upheld by the safeguarded vehicle, the outcast’s vehicle related with the disaster, his property and genuine injuries persevered or passing according to the

arrangements of the security methodology.

Pay for Al-Shamel Insurance ClientsIn the event of a disaster to the shielded motor vehicle which is used for private or business purposes, the association will compensate you for the damages upheld by the vehicle by having it fixed by the embraced studios or office consistent with the arrangements of the security technique on the off chance that there ought to be an event of fragmentary hardship. In any case, in case of an outright mishap, for instance, burglary the association will repay the Insured in respect of the case the safeguarded total or market worth of the motor vehicle at time of occasion according to the arrangements of the security system. While the most outrageous requirement of compensation really depends on SR 10,000 to the holders of the “SANAD Plus Motor Insurance Policy”.

Pariah’s Compensation

Expecting that the motor vehicle safeguarded under Al-Shamel Insurance Policy, SANAD or SANAD Plus Motor Insurance Policy, whether or not private or business, caused a disaster provoking damage to another person’s (outcast) vehicle or any of his property, the association will pay how much compensation in genuine cash either with a cash request or bank move at the record of the pariah. The compensation moreover integrates the value showed for genuine injuries or passing as expressed by a court choice. The most outrageous imperative of the association commitment under this part won’t outperform SR 10,000,000 for each one disaster or in the absolute in the technique year.
The compensation will be made considering the expense introduced ensuing to deducting the 15% worth added charge aggregate, as demonstrated by the methods followed by the association.
The chronicle got, “Last Damage Estimate,” is a measure and not an obligation receipt.
We could similarly need to raise that the real assistance/product has not yet been given, and appropriately there is no value added charge. There is no issue with compensation for the cost regard directly following outfitting us with the last sales, and it is an electronic receipt addressed to the Tawuniya Insurance Company.

Procedures to be taken on incident occurring

In the event of a disaster to the protected motor vehicle, you ought to immediately contact Najm Company on the number: 8001249990 and comply to their headings on the most ideal way to manage the episode whether by the presence of their representative or the traffic police explore the motor setback.
The representative of Najm Company or Traffic Police will go to research the car crash and set up the huge report on such disaster.
The client or pariah introduced to hurt from the disaster will visit any of the “Taqdeer” centers in Riyadh to examine the vehicle and check the value of damages. If he is outside Riyadh, he ought to secure the vehicle’s appraisal from the studios affirm by the traffic police or from the vehicles show regions president (Sheik Al-Ma’aredh).
“Taqdeer” program will send an electronic report on the mischief of the vehicle to the association.
The client or outcast introduced to hurt from the setback will visit the Claim Center and present all records required.
Considering the report of the “Taqdeer” program for hurts, the association concludes whether the damage of the vehicle is fragmentary or complete adversity.
If the mischief is evaluated as a midway setback, the Company will give an upkeep solicitation to one of the supported studios to fix the hit affected vehicle at whatever point covered by Al-Shamel Insurance Policy or will pay the compensation in genuine cash to the pariah or holders of SANAD Plus Policy.
Expecting the damage is seen as outright hardship, the Company will pay the value of the motor vehicle to the client (according to the arrangements of the security methodology provided for the client) by bank move to the record of the beneficiary.

Claims Terms and Conditions

The compensation against the motor setbacks is impacted according to the terms, conditions and restrictions contained in the security procedure and following completing the chronicles required. Any case recorded with insufficient supporting reports won’t be contemplated completely.
Accepting that additional supporting reports are required, the client or untouchable will be instructed.
Appraisal of the vehicle damage will be at any of the focal points of the program “Taqdeer” at this moment available in the city of Riyadh and will be arranged in the other critical metropolitan regions later.
The motor disaster report ought to be stamped and ventured by the traffic police or potentially Namj Company. All fields should be filled in with the important data.
The portion of compensation will be impacted in a most outrageous season of fifteen (15) days from the date of completing all of the reports required or as per the headings of SAMA.
Any adjustment, annihilation or eradication of data in the setback report renders it invalid and void with the exception of assuming it is ventured and embraced by the capable power.
The principal copy of the Car Registration (Estimara) and its Ownership Deed should be outfitted for organizing with the copies equipped.
To fill in the setback advance notice structure including a distinct explanation by the vehicle’s driver on how the disaster occurred.
For clients beyond Riyadh, the influenced vehicle ought to be brought to the nearest cases organizations office or choose its region for assessment and

to take photographs (if possible).

Getting of the case isn’t seen as an affirmation to it, and the association will pay the compensation resulting to affirming the uprightness and rightness of setback techniques and their congruity with the arrangements of the security methodology.
Tawuniya moves the compensation through a bank move to the client’s record.
To make the trade collaboration more useful, the client ought to give us his IBAN which contains 24 characters.
In case of wounds and passing, the main legitimate deed ought to be submitted.
If a requesting is submitted to move how much compensation on the record, you ought to add a copy of the record Card exhibiting the number and sign of the last opportunity quite a bit early.
Expecting that your vehicle is introduced to robbery, you really want to call the police on 999 and add a copy of the police report with the case documents submitted.
In the event the vehicle is introduced to sinking (as a result of floods) or fire, you really want to call the Civil Defense at: 998 and join the Civil Defense Report.

The appropriate case structure (available at Tawuniay).

Motor Claim Form
Motor Claim Form (Third Party)
Motor Claim Form – Theft
The power report from the power going to the occasion or accident.
Copy of the Driving License (Driving License of the driver at the hour of disaster).
Copy of the Car Registration (Estimara).
The Repair Permit Document.
The appraisals of fixing the vehicles of SANAD Plus or pariah from the “Taqdeer” centers in Riyadh, or evaluation from the studios authorized by the traffic police or from the vehicles show regions president (Sheik Al-Ma’aredh) in various metropolitan networks.
A legal court choice on the injuries or downfall in the event that there ought to emerge an event of genuine injuries or passing cases.
Evaluations of ensured vehicle fix for those covered by Al-Shamel Policy in the event that there ought to emerge an event of conviction rate on the outcast or the presence of commitment extent on the shielded vehicle.

Channels for submitting motor cases
Claims Services Centers
The Call Center instrument Free Line: 8001249990
The Call Center instrument Free Line for Third Part Claims: 8001249990

Claims Follow-up Procedures
The Call Center instrument Free Line: 8001249990
The Call Center instrument Free Line for Third Part Claims: 8001249990
You will get an SMS at your versatile after signing in Tawuniya site
E-organizations through the Tawuniya site
Tawuniya application (Smart mobile phones)

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