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Can international students study part-time in Hong Kong?

Could I at any point do a temporary job or seasonal task to bring in cash while concentrating in Hong Kong?

Could you at any point work in Hong Kong while examining? The legitimate response from the Immigration Department is here!
Numerous companions, who will concentrate in Hong Kong are extremely worried about whether they can assist in Hong Kong during their examinations? All things considered, notwithstanding high educational costs and lease, everybody, desires to work-study, make a few everyday costs, and gather some work insight coincidentally.
In any case, on this issue, there are various feelings on the Internet, and certain individuals even say that this is unlawful?

Try not to be scared by such a response. In light of this inquiry, my senior went to the authority site of the Hong Kong Immigration Department for the check, and affirmed that as long as they submit to the significant guidelines, understudies who meet the prerequisites can take part in entry-level positions and seasonal positions in Hong Kong!

What are the specific principles that should be stuck to? What are the prerequisites from meet’s point of view? How to lawfully study while functioning parttime? The Hong Kong Immigration Department has nitty-gritty definitions for temporary positions, seasonal positions nearby, and summer occupations, and they likewise make various prerequisites. We should investigate every one of them.

  1. Entry level position

As per the response given on the authority site of the Hong Kong Immigration Department, central area understudies can participate in restricted temporary jobs during their examinations in Hong Kong, yet they should meet the accompanying prerequisites:

The length of study isn't short of what one scholarly year
The substance of the entry level position is connected with the subject and course satisfied examined
Coordinated or endorsed by the College
The most extreme span of the temporary position is one scholastic year or 33% of the full review time frame, whichever is more limited
No limitations on work area, compensation (dependent upon legal the lowest pay permitted by law), working hours, and boss

That is, understudies who are reading up for a one-year showed graduate degree in Hong Kong, who meet the above prerequisites, can likewise embrace related entry level positions! In any case, before the entry level position begins, you should likewise apply to the Immigration Department through the school to get a “No Objection Letter (NOL)”.

With this NOL, you can lawfully lead important temporary jobs in Hong Kong! Notwithstanding, it ought to be noticed that the NOL of the temporary job is substantial for one year. After the termination, or during the exchange to different courses, the NOL of the first course will be invalid, and you want to re-apply!

Coming up next is a nitty gritty portrayal of NOL in different schools in Hong Kong. Understudies who need it can go to the authority site to find out about the circumstance:
Hong Kong Universities for entry level position seasonal work

Hong Kong University:

https://cao.aal.hku.hk/understudy visa/entry level position

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:


Chinese University of Hong Kong:

https://cpdc.osa.cuhk.edu.hk/graduated class and-staff/Non-Local%20Students%20Internship%20Record

City University of Hong Kong:


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University:

https://www.polyu.edu.hk/ar/web/en/for-polyu-understudies/visa-matters-for-non-neighborhood understudies/index.html

Hong Kong Baptist University:

https://sa.hkbu.edu.hk/profession/strategy and-lawful issues

The Education University of Hong Kong:

https://www.eduhk.hk/sao/wp-content/transfers/2017/08/Employment-strategies for-non-nearby students.pdf

Lingnan University:

https://www.ln.edu.hk/ssc/culturally diverse reconciliation/living-in-hong-kong/temporary job seasonal work

  1. Seasonal positions on Campus

On the off chance that you can’t track down an organization for a temporary job, it’s OK to work parttime to bring in some cash, yet you can work parttime nearby. We frequently hear that unfamiliar understudies working in corner shops, Mcdonald’s, and other off-grounds temporary positions are never permitted in Hong Kong, so I prompt everybody not to face this challenge.

For nearby seasonal positions, the Immigration Department additionally has pertinent guidelines:

Temporary work should be finished on the grounds of the foundation where the understudy is selected
The business should be the actual establishment (accepting the work environment isn't on the grounds)
Utilized exclusively by administrators assigned by the establishment
The combined season of temporary work nearby can't surpass 20 hours of the week
Try not to move unused hours over time multi week to one more week (7 days out of every week)

The people who need to work parttime nearby likewise need the endorsement of the school and the movement division, and can begin work in the wake of getting a NOL! In any case, not at all like the NOL for temporary jobs, the NOL for seasonal work nearby is substantial during the predetermined course, or at least, college understudies or full-time expert’s understudies with over two years, just have to apply once during their visit in Hong Kong.

Concerning which temporary positions are accessible in the school, you can go to the authority site of the particular everyday schedule to see which positions meet the prerequisites.

  1. Summer work

The Hong Kong Immigration Department doesn’t have an excessive number of limitations on summer work. The individuals who work from June 1 to August 31 can be viewed as summer work, and the compensation (dependent upon the legal the lowest pay permitted by law), working hours, work area, There are no limitations on bosses and nature of work.

In any case, it ought to be noticed that, prior to beginning a mid year work, it is likewise important to apply to the Immigration Department to get a NOL to be thought of as legitimate and consistent. Like the NOL for temporary work nearby, it is substantial during the stay.

Nonetheless, summer occupations are just for students. The one-year showed graduate degree will likely end in May, and there is no late spring excursion by any means…

Often posed inquiries about temporary positions and seasonal positions in Hong Kong include:

Might I at any point do a temporary position subsequent to finishing the tasks?

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