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Does Youtube earned income through Google Adsense affect HUD housing rental assistance?


If you are receiving HUD housing rental assistance (more commonly known as Section 8 in the US), there are some things you need to be aware of that could affect your housing benefits. Although YouTube may be your passion, it should never compromise your housing assistance benefits or make it harder to get approved for an apartment or home in the future. Learn more about what earning money on YouTube means for your Section 8 eligibility and how to stay eligible for housing assistance if you have a Youtube channel.

Can you really make money on Youtube as a hobby?

Considering how much time it takes to make a quality video, that money isn’t just going to appear magically. Whether you’re making a cooking video or reviewing books, you have to spend time creating content in order to make a profit. And after all, who wants their vlogging hobby to become their job? It’s hard enough trying to find time for personal hobbies when you work 40 hours per week, so it doesn’t seem like a wise investment of your limited free time. If you love creating videos and have fun doing it, go ahead! Just don’t expect your hobby to pay off in cold hard cash. If you want to make money on Youtube, the best way is by monetizing your channel with advertising. When viewers click on an ad they’ll see an ad space that has been paid for by an advertiser looking to reach this audience. The amount paid depends on the number of clicks and how many people view the ad space during the period of time we call impressions. When ads are successful at reaching targeted audiences, more companies will want to advertise with us and we’ll be able to offer them more competitive rates as well as use their ads in more targeted ways.

The New Definition of Income Under Section 8

Under Section 8 of U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD), income is defined as all income from whatever source excluding public assistance payments. The definition goes on to define public assistance as: Any grant, loan, subsidy, or payment from any department or agency of government or from any person, firm, corporation, institution, association or other organization provided for in any manner that a recipient thereof may be required to repay it or on condition that some part will be repaid thereto; This applies if a Section 8 participant earns $200 per month beyond his rent obligation and would apply equally to $2 million dollars received via inheritance. This includes money made by selling products purchased with money borrowed against an account with your Social Security number attached.for more info visit

When Do Youtubers become ineligible for Housing Assistance

It depends on how much a Youtuber makes per month. In general, if you make $1000 or more in a month than you are not eligible for Section 8 or Housing Assistance. If your Youtuber career is starting out and it is not making as much money as possible then I would still recommend waiting until you become an influencer on YouTube with more of a following. At that point you can use part of your monthly YouTube earnings to pay your rent and have enough left over to start saving up for your down payment. When becoming an influencer at least 10K subscribers is key to ensure that you will be making enough money each month to pay rent and save up for your down payment on a house.

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